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50 Ways to Cheat on A College Test

Here are 50 ways to save you on test day if you are under-prepared. And don’t worry, you’re not alone; according to a 2010 Rutgers University survey, 64% of college students cheat.

  1. Cheat Sheet — Go old school and scribble notes on an index card or the back of your calculator. This can be combined with several of the approaches listed below.
  2. Note in a Bottle – Write your cheats inside of the bottle wrapper; you can glance inside quietly without your teacher seeing.
  3. Ear Piece Method – Channel your inner James Bond on this test by inserting a tiny earpiece with a blue tooth connection to your phone and having the instructors or solutions prerecorded to ensure a perfect score.
  4. Send a Friend a Text Message – This one is hard, so exercise discretion to avoid being caught. Have a colleague with Internet access or access to your class notes text you the answers to any queries you have. Create some form of code so you can communicate quickly and avoid being nabbed.
  5. Temporary Tattoo – Ink yourself and write the notes on the inside of your hand or forearm. This one usually works if you’re wearing a long-sleeved blouse or sweater that covers your temporary “tattoo.”
  6. Online Paper – This is a strategy that is more applicable to an essay test. You can conduct an online search (there are numerous sites available) for a company that provides essay writers for hire. You provide them with the topic and the required length, and they will type the essay for you for a fee. Ascertain that the essay has not been plagiarized by running it via plagiarism detection software. If the essay is for an in-class assignment, you can remember it or keep it on a cheat sheet.
  7. Mechanical Pencil Hack – This innovative method allows you to sneak a cheat sheet into the testing session. A tiny cheat sheet should be rolled up and stuffed into the barrel.
  8. Sneak a peek – This is a tried and tested strategy. Examine the answer of the individual sitting next to you. Simply ensure that they are an excellent student, otherwise, you might still fail.
  9. Google It – This one is quite pretty straightforward; sneak a glance or go to the restroom and consult the all-knowing Google.
  10. Behind Enemy Lines — If a friend is taking the exam ahead of you, ask them to photograph it so you can obtain the answers in advance. Let’s only pray they avoid being caught and turning this become a college-level version of “Saving Private Ryan.”
  11. Smart Watch – Keep your responses on your cellphone in notes and access them via your digital watch. “Oh, I was trying to check the time, instructor.”
  12. Rubber Band It – Stretch a rubber band and jot down your replies. Once it returns to its original size, you will no longer be able to view the responses, but you can resize it as necessary.
  13. Tiny Booklet – Create a small booklet by printing tiny text on paper and then printing it out. Create a mini-book by cutting the paper into small squares.
  14. Eraser Method — Write the responses on a giant eraser and then erase them if the examiner notices.
  15. Smart Pen — Whether you believe it or not, MP3 pens exist. Make the most of it by saving the responses on the pen.
  16. Eraser Method V2 – Slice the eraser and insert your texts.
  17. Rubber Soul – Using the rubber portion of your shoe, jot down the answers and peep as necessary.
  18. Hat Trick – Stuff the notes on the inside of your hat, pretend to stretch, and collect the intel.
  19. Hat Trick V2 – Physically write the notes on the bill or inside of your hat. When you require the notes, place the hat down.
  20. Soul Searching – Look around the room as if checking the time, and use clues found throughout the area to assist in determining the answers. You’ll be astonished at what you discover in the diagrams shown throughout the classroom.
  21. Need to Go to the Bathroom – Use this as an excuse to go to the bathroom. Once inside, you can cheat by using your phone or communicating with a friend.
  22. Thigh Hold – Position the sheets between your clenched thighs. The instructor will be completely unaware.
  23. Buddy System – Cheat with a friend. Two heads are preferable to one.
  24. Split the Load – This is a technique that should be utilized in conjunction with the buddy system. Study half of the test and have a friend study the other half; seat next to one another and you’ll have a higher chance of earning an “A.”
  25. Sign Language – Engage with a friend using hand movements to assist one another with responses.
  26. Morse Code – Appear to be fidgety and communicate with a pal using taps. One tap equals A, two taps equal B, and so forth.
  27. A-Choo, B-Choo, C-Choo – Have a buddy perform fake sneezes with the responses embedded in the sneeze; for the answer “C,” imagine “Ca-Choo.”
  28. Gum Wrapper Technique — Using a gum wrapper, write the answers on the inside.
  29. Dress Up – Wear a tie to the exam and utilize the back of it to scribble responses.
  30. Calculator App – Create a phony calculator app and pull up the notes while taking the exam.
  31. Using a bookmark tucked away in a textbook, jot down the answers; replace when finished.
  32. Belt Buckle – You may not believe this, but calculator belt buckles exist. If your teacher prohibits the use of calculators, this may come in helpful.
  33. Replacement Test – Have a buddy photograph the test (as mentioned above) and then print off the completed test at home. Swap the real test for the bogus one and you’ll be on your way to earning that “A.”
  34. Inked Up – Use extremely light ink on your note cards; the teacher will be unable to see anything from afar.
  35. Black Light — This one is truly for the aspiring spy. Utilize black light ink on your cheat sheet and a small black light to decrypt the hidden cheats.
  36. WikiCHEATia — Identical to Google, but with a focus on Wikipedia. These entries include a wealth of important information.
  37. Using the See-Through Pen Method – you can print off a seven-font cheat sheet and place it on the inside of a see-through pen.
  38. Calculator Case — This was a popular choice in the past. Write the answers behind the paper of a calculator case insert, then quickly slide the paperback in place if the teacher looks.
  39. Skirt Method – This one is strictly for females. Tape the responses to your thigh and take a peek by pulling up your dress.
  40. The method with Blank Paper – Make a list of cheats on a piece of paper, but use the paper beneath as a cheat sheet. The impressions contain everything necessary to cheat. If a scratch paper is allowed, this is ideal.
  41. InstaCheat – Snap a photo of the textbook and either go to the restroom or check your smartphone for the necessary information.
  42. Invisible ink – If assigned seating is in place, this one is certain to work. Jot down the answers on the desk with the ink. Using a UV light, decode the code and you’re home free.
  43. Dictionary Cheat –An electronic dictionary can easily be misconstrued for a calculator by a teacher, so use it to save your answers.
  1. Spy Glasses — If you weren’t already a spy as a result of the previous tips, this cheat will ensure that you are. Utilize spy glasses to view a recording of a pal analyzing the answers.
  2. Laser Focused – Make a copy of your cheat sheet on your paper with a laser pen. Ideal for the classroom’s back seat.
  3. Instant Message – Utilize Facebook or an instant messaging software to contact anyone who can assist you. It’s best if accompanied by a bathroom visit.
  4. Space Hack — If you’re short on space and need to type a four-page paper. Increase the spacing between the letters, the font size of the periods, or the margins. A small amount can go a long way. Maintain discretion.
  5. All of these recommendations are excellent, but the most effective strategy to secure a decent education is to study prior to the test.

Indeed, creating a cheat sheet is a surefire way to study. Perhaps cheating isn’t all that horrible after all.

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