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Put My Paper In APA Format For Free? No, I Learned to Do It

The APA format is one of the most frequently used styles in academic writing. As a matter of fact, before I became an expert in APA formatting, I often asked people to format my papers for me when I was writing homework. Allow me to teach you the same thing, and you will enjoy receiving high grades on your assignments.

Let us begin by defining what APA is. The American Psychological Association established it with the primary goal of ensuring that scholars properly cite their sources. Since its inception, the style has evolved, making it challenging to master.

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That said, knowing the fundamentals of writing an APA-style paper will come in handy throughout your college years, as it will eliminate the need to ask constantly, who will format my essay for free in APA format?

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Why is APA-Style So Important to Scholars?

Academic papers should be well-structured, readable, and understandable. This is one of the reasons the American Psychological Association devised the style. Everything from the line spacing to the organizational details contributes to the organization of academic papers.

The other primary reason the APA style is critical is that it enables scholars to generate new ideas and contribute to their various fields of study.

This is why citation is critical when writing an APA-style paper or when hiring someone to write a research paper for you.

The style provides guidelines for citing each reference in the body of the paper to distinguish your work from that of other scholars.

General Formatting Guidelines for APA-Style

All APA papers follow a consistent structure and contain distinct sections. The following is a summary of the various sections that must be included when writing in this style:

  • Title Page

The title page is the first page. It contains the title of the paper, the author’s name, and any other information about the author, such as his or her school and level of education.

  • Abstract

Your abstract is a critical component of your paper. It is essentially a synopsis of your entire article. It informs the reader of what to expect while reading the paper.

  • Introduction

The introduction section should be visually appealing. First, it explains why and how the content is relevant to the field of study. Second, it describes any prior research that may have inspired the content contained therein.

  • Method

Each APA essay should be supported by research. You can conduct your research or rely on the work of other scholars in related fields of study. This section should detail the study’s methodology.

  • Results

Your study’s objective is to provide answers to specific questions. The results section is where you will elaborate on these responses. The results should be brief and detailed, as even the smallest detail contributes to future research.

  • Discussion

The study and its findings should have implications for the subject of the study. These are discussed in detail in this section. The discussion section is primarily a synopsis of the study and a discussion of its implications. This is where you can craft your words however you wish as long as they convey the message clearly.

  • References

The references section should include a list of all references.

References should be listed alphabetically by the author’s last name and initials. Additionally, the references page is formatted differently than the main body.

APA In-Text Citation and Referencing Guidelines

Rather than paying someone to format my paper for me, I decided to educate myself on the in-text style. Allow me to impart to you what I have learned.

As previously stated, one of the primary goals of APA formatting is to make it easier for authors to cite and reference the work of other scholars. Citations within the text are straightforward and uncomplicated.

If you are simply quoting an idea from another author, include a citation with the author’s last name and year of publication: for instance (Williams, 2019).

If, however, the citation is a direct quote, you should also include the page number from which it was taken: for instance (Williams, 2019, p. 1).

On the other hand, references are significantly more complicated and are dictated by the citation’s source. The following are guidelines for referencing three of the most frequently used sources:

Referencing Books

If you are referencing a book, you should include the author’s last name and the initials of his or her first name, the year of publication, the title of the book, the city, and state in which the book was published, and the publisher’s name:

Author, A. (Year when the book was published). Title of the book. Publisher city, state: Publisher.

Referencing Journal Articles

Referencing a journal article is similar to referencing a book but includes the following additional information:

Author, A. (Publication Year). Title of article. Title of periodical, volume(Issue number), Page-page.

Referencing Website Articles

There are two distinct styles for referencing website articles, depending on whether or not the article has an author.

Referencing a website article with an author:

Author, A. (Year, Month, and date of article’s publication). Title of article. Retrieved from HTTPS(URL).

Referencing a website article without an author:

Title of the article. (year, month, and date of article’s publication). Retrieved from HTTPS(URL).

Referencing other Sources

You can obtain references from various sources, including newspapers, films, lectures, interviews, magazines, and encyclopedias. Remember to cite and reference each source; otherwise, your paper will lose credibility.

Writing Tones and Themes

Papers written in the APA style should appear and sound professional. There is no room for colloquial language, as the content is deemed significant and may be read by other scholars worldwide. The writing style and theme should be formal and direct to accomplish this.

A formal tone is deemed necessary because it is appropriate to adopt when communicating with fellow professionals. It should avoid all forms of popular culture slang, contractions, and jargon.

Bear in mind that an APA paper written by a young student with a passion for pop culture may prove useful to a mature professor with diverse interests.

On the other hand, the theme should be straightforward. This is to ensure that your paper is simple to read and comprehend. Failure to be direct can cause you to divert off-topic and dilute the message conveyed in your article.

As such, make every effort to keep the sentences brief and simple. Avoid using complex language in the hope of making your paper sound more scientific – the content alone determines the paper’s scientific status.

Other Basic APA Formatting Guidelines

There are additional formatting guidelines to follow when composing your paper. The most fundamental is the font selection – the article should be written in Times New Roman font, size 12.

Spacing is also critical – except for the abstract, the body of the paper should be double-spaced. Additionally, each paragraph should be indented, and references should be hung by a 0.5-inch margin.

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