Argumentative Essay Outline

Create A Strong Argumentative Essay Outline

Do you need to create an argumentative essay now? By reading this article, you acquire all the important information you need to come up with an excellent argumentative essay outline. Both in college and university, you will be required to complete argumentative essays in different subjects hence the need to perfect your writing skills early.

Strong Argumentative Essay Outline

Structure of An Argumentative Essay

The structure of the essay acts as the base for the paper as well as the outline. It presents you with ideas on what will be inside the essay. A strong outline for an argumentative essay should include the following;

  • An Introduction
  • Main Body with claims
  • A rebuttal after completing the body
  • Concluding paragraph

An extensive explanation is provided below to understand the structure better.

Part 1: The Introduction

Just like in any other form of writing, we create the basis for the rest of the essay or paper in the introduction. If you fail to structure the introduction well, the rest of the essay will certainly suffer. Start with an anchor so as to capture the attention of the reader. A captivating first sentence will act as a motivation for them to keep reading.

Add some background information on the topic, and present points that could be the foundation of your declaration for the paper. The thesis statement ought to match the objectives of the assignment and avoid being vague.

Example of A Catchy Introduction in An Argumentative Essay

Following the terrorist attack on September 11, 2001, on World Trade Towers, there was a huge increase in racial profiling. The authorities indicated that the only way to identify terrorists was through profiling. As a result, some airports started targeting individuals that had a middle-eastern background where the terrorists had originated, raising concerns about their violation of civil rights. The tactic of screening failed to work as anticipated, and a second recommendation of the National ID card was made. If every citizen carries their identity card along, it will make the screening procedure easier. In addition, it will not target individuals with regards to their looks.

Part 2: Body

After drafting the introduction, proceed to the second section of the argumentative essay, where you develop the argument by adopting claims and evidence to support them. After the claims and evidence are provided, an explanation of the opponent’s thoughts is considered.

Argumentative essays require that you cite sources since you use claims, facts, figures, statistics, and quotations, which in most cases are other authors’ ideas.

When creating an outline for the argumentative essay, it is essential for you to pay attention to claims. A claim is critical to the argument of the essay, and it is termed an important part of academic papers. The major goal of a claim in essay writing is to describe assignment goals, scope, direction and offer support to the argument. Any claim that lacks evidence is termed invalid.

The only way to prove to the reader that claims made are accurate and valid is by providing tangible, trustworthy evidence that is founded on facts, statistics, and studies, among others. When writing, it is essential to bear in mind that evidence is not personal knowledge that you happen to possess in a specific field. The evidence is realized through rigorous research on a specific topic.

After creating the essay outline, you are able to get the idea of claims you are to make in your essay, then start carrying out research to find evidence that supports them. Through research, you not only get material to support the claims you are making but also get ideas that will hugely help in debunking the opponent’s argument. Importantly, avoid committing academic plagiarism, which is a serious crime and dangerous to your integrity at your institution.

Rebuttal Paragraph

Here the author provides specific reasons that prove why the opposing side is wrong. Mention the opposing arguments that the reader could have and refute them with facts. Show that you understand the opponents as well as their reasons for their viewpoint, however, present all the ideas that you have collected to show that your claims are better and that they could be insufficiently informed or mistaken with regards to the topic. 

In the writing section, avoid using “he said, she said” when highlighting the opposing positions, do it in the formal way where facts, credible resources and any relevant data is provided prior to refuting their claim.

Here are some examples of how rebuttal is used in argumentative essays.

Part 3: Conclusion

The last section of the argumentative essay outline is the concluding paragraph that provides closure to the entire argument being discussed.

The conclusion aims at making the readers understand the reason for picking the topic and its importance. Ensure to restate your thesis statement and your position on the topic here.

A strong conclusion leaves a huge impact on readers since it is the section that they will remember after finishing reading the essay. Ending the essay with an impactful conclusion leads to more understanding by the audience as well as more inclination towards your viewpoint.

An Example of An Argumentative Essay Conclusion

Physical punishment might be an efficient way of disciplining kids. Nonetheless, parents ought to avoid using this method to a maximum extent. The world around us exhibits enough violence hence the need to avoid showing it from home where peace should be always present. As a parent, teach your children to be responsible without necessarily using violence.

Now you possess all the essential tips that you require for writing an outstanding outline that will act as your best guide for writing the actual argumentative essay. You can check out several examples of argumentative essays from our site. If you feel like you still have trouble coming up with an outline, you can order a custom outline online. All the best with your studies!

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