Best Argumentative Essay Topics

Writing an argumentative essay is essential since it helps you develop your grammar as well as writing style while encouraging analytical thinking in your educational and professional careers. An argumentative essay is a formal essay where the author aims to convince the reader to agree with their thesis statement.  Importantly, argumentative essays require in depth research with evidence and data that support the conclusion the author seeks to draw.

The format of an argumentative essay consists of three basic elements:

  • An introductory paragraph that states the topic and thesis.
  • Body paragraphs that present evidence and unique facts supporting the thesis.
  • Conclusion paragraphs that restate the thesis.

Benefits of writing an argumentative essay

  • Critical thinking – argumentative essays require you to critically assess facts, claims, and arguments, leading to progressively developing and strengthening of critical thinking skills.
  • Research skills – the need for extensive facts and evidence in argumentative essays helps one develop excellent research skills that greatly assist you all through academic and professional life.
  • Writing Skills – The more you write, the more you perfect your essay writing skills.
  • Anticipating oppositions – argumentative essays help you learn to accommodate other people’s opinions and learn to incorporate them in the writing process.

How to Select the Best Argumentative Essay Topics

Consider issues of interest. It is important to ensure you have enough knowledge of the chosen theme and express an extensive opinion.

Avoid emotionally charged topics. Argumentative essays need the author to be sober and have enough facts for the claim they are pursuing.

Check most recent trends. These helps in understanding the most actively discussed topics at the moment.

Target audience. The people you are reaching through the writing will help you decide which side to pick and what facts to present.

Experience. The more experience you have in a topic, you have better ideas and can easily take risks with the writing.

Environmental Argumentative Essay Topics

  1. Is the increased occurrence of natural disasters in the world due to climate change?
  2. Should pollution be considered the only looming threat to the environment?
  3. Can we consider global warming as real or a mere theory by scientists?
  4. Are fishing regulations not strict enough in China?
  5. Should America act as a perfect example with regards to environmental management?
  6. Does the world care about the environmental impacts of nuclear power?
  7. Is it possible for humans to stop lumbering activities to conserve forest resources?
  8. Should all corporations adopt solar energy so as to reduce environmental pollution?
  9. Should the government adopt stringent policies to control industrial activities?
  10. Are humans causing more damage than good to the environment?

African American Argumentative Essay Topics

  1. Are African Americans deserving to dominate America?
  2. Can humans overcome racism?
  3. Should white people enjoy human rights more than black people?

Government Argumentative Essay Topics

  1. Should the government be concerned about our diets?
  2. Should the government offer health care to all Americans?
  3. Is the federal government right to legalize marijuana use nationally?
  4. Should all immigrants be allowed to access government-subsidized healthcare?
  5. Should the United States constitution be updated?
  6. Does the government really care about regulating climate change?
  7. Is the government right to consider replacing student loans?
  8. Are unpaid internships illegal?

Argumentative Essay Topics About Food

  1. Do Healthy Options on Fast Food Menus Help?
  2. Do vitamins contain calories?
  3. Why is it so hard not to be overweight?
  4. Are there ailments that make me lose weight?
  5. Is it better to eat more meals per day?
  6. If I eat less, will I lose weight?
  7. Should all fast-food restaurants serve healthy dishes such as salads?
  8. Why does there exist so much debate about fast food?
  9. Should fast foods use agricultural products in their meals?

Gun Control Argumentative Essay Topics

  1. Is it right for teachers to be armed with guns?
  2. Should college students be allowed to keep guns with them?
  3. Should gun control regulations be more stringent?
  4. Are gun control regulations too stringent?
  5. Is gun control proving to be an efficient method for reducing crime rates?
  6. Would more restrictions on gun ownership and use in the United States serve better?
  7. Should there be enforcement on more restrain to those wishing to possess guns?

Abortion Argumentative Essay Topics

  1. In what conditions or situations, if any, should a woman have a right to an abortion?
  2. Should abortion be a woman’s or a state’s, right?
  3. Is it right for rape victims to be allowed to have abortions?
  4. Will abortion prohibition lead to more backstreet abortions?
  5. Let women have the choice to abort: Discuss, citing possible advantages of this statement
  6. Should there be a legal age for abortion?
  7. Should abortion be termed as a killing?
  8. Why do women do abortions?
  9. Describe abortion from a social and moral view point
  10. Explain the ideal motive that encourages the anti-abortion laws to be passed from one section of the world to the other

LGBT Argumentative Essay Topics 2021

  1. Being LGBT in the earlier years vs. today’s society.
  2. The deterioration of society due to the growing number of same-sex marriages
  3. Should the Universal Declaration of Human Rights clearly contain the rights and protection of rights of LGBT all over the world?
  4. American History: LGBT Community and California´s Proposition 22
  5. Is poor parenting a link to the growing cases of LGBT?
  6. How Television depicts the issue of Homosexuality?
  7. Same-sex marriages will never be recognized both biblically and in nature.
  8. The impact of the police force on the LGBT community
  9. Lesbians and gays have rights and feelings, too.
  10. How is the LGBT community impacting our society?

Argumentative Essay Topics on Bullying

  1. Bullying is breaking the law, and the person who’s responsible must be punished.
  2. How should a victim protect himself from bullying?
  3. Bullying should not be normalized
  4. Standing around a bully and watching their victim and doing absolutely nothing is similar to actively participating in bullying.
  5. An individual who has undergone bullying in the past can experience grave emotional issues today.
  6. Is bullying blow out of proportion in American schools?
  7. Do bullies feel proud or ashamed after bullying nervous kids
  8. Can tolerance education lessen the rate at which students bully each other?
  9. Physical bullying versus verbal bullying
  10. Online bullying is harmless when compared to bullying in school.

Obesity Argumentative Essay Topics

  1. Can obesity be regarded as mental illness? Describe why.
  2. Does sugar have a huge role in unnecessary weight gain in children?
  3. Should the government assume blame for the prevailing national obesity rate?
  4. Intermittent fasting helps aids young people from becoming obese.
  5. Is obesity linked to an individual’s behavior and lifestyle?
  6. Is the T.V. program The Biggest Loser helpful in encouraging people to be healthy? Does the show lead to negative or positive feelings about morbidly obese individuals? Does it exploit the participants?
  7. What explains obesity in your school/college/community?
  8. A child’s environment contributes to childhood obesity.
  9. Does breastfeeding lessen the chances of incidence of childhood obesity?
  10. Should school vending machines only vend health-friendly snacks and sodas?

Feminist Argumentative Essay Topics

  1. Does feminism increase the hatred women have for men?
  2. Who or what outlines the notions of “masculinity” and “femininity” in current society?
  3. Should domestic violence be regarded in place of feminism?
  4. Would the world be better if more women were in power?
  5. Would humanity be more developed in modern-day if gender stereotypes never existed?
  6. Is present day feminism discriminating against men?
  7. Should the rules of etiquette be transformed because they’ve been formulated in the period of total patriarchy?

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