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How To Check If an Essay Is Plagiarized

How To Check If an Essay Is Plagiarized

As a result of the numerous academic essays students submit at their colleges or universities, inspiration for new ideas easily runs out. Regrettably, there exist not many ways of writing differently, especially on a similar topic. When an assignment on the same topic is given to a class, plagiarism issues will likely arise. In your studies, I am sure you have come across a case where a student submitted a plagiarized essay and the consequences they suffered. Thus, learning how to check an essay for plagiarism prior to submission is important.

Being Honest Saves Time

Any student ought to realize that you will certainly be caught if you have copied any content from anywhere. Before checking your essay for plagiarism, make an effort to ensure all your content is original by utilizing plagiarism free essays techniques. The student will rewrite, paraphrase, cite the references, and quote parts that could not be changed from their original text. Does this sound too time-consuming? Yeah, creating plagiarism free essays is not easy and sometimes requires an individual who can guide you through the process. Luckily, the Assignment Hacks team is available to make this tedious process easy for you.

Check Your Essay for Plagiarism Now

After completion of the paper, it’s time to check whether your assignment has been written from scratch. It’s okay to be curious about an essay that you are about to submit to your professor, especially when it’s plagiarism. No student wishes to submit an essay that is plagiarized and hence the need for essay originality check software. A common question that is asked is, how do plagiarism checkers work? The available online plagiarism detection tools work by looking at your essay, scanning for resemblances to the sentences and phrases utilized in similar contexts on the internet and then showing the matches that are found. Some detection tools show the source of similar content, while others don’t. However, what really indicates whether the content check is efficient and search outcomes are legit is the algorithms and processes a checker is founded on. Some detection tools are out of date, which could lead to them displaying 100% uniqueness whereas it is not unique, as well as vice versa. Other unpopular plagiarism detection tools could also drag your unique content to the internet, making it 100% plagiarized.

Which Tool to Use?

Prior to listing where to check whether your essay is plagiarism free, we look at the essential qualities of a good tool for checking plagiarized papers. Firstly, the tool has to provide legit and doubtless outcomes, which leave you with the surety that the essay isn’t plagiarized. Secondly, most of the plagiarism tools have charges; hence there is a need for them to be affordable or free, especially since students don’t have higher budgets. Lastly, the tool should be user-friendly and not cumbersome, especially when it comes to ease of use.

One of the most convenient tools we would advise you to use for plagiarism checks is Grammarly. This tool also assists you in checking any grammatical errors in your essay. Second is Turnitin, which is widely used by institutions all over the world and is highly effective through the reports it generates. Lastly, Copyscape and LopesWrite are awesome tools for checking whether your text is original. All these tools are available at the disposal of our writers at and are used to ensure you get the best assignment. Engage our team who are willing and ready to take up your assignment anytime.

Play It Safe on The Academic Field

Now you have all the information on how to tell whether your essay is plagiarized. Utilizing efficient similarity screening software, you can rest assured that nothing impends academic success. If you have an issue struggling with writing a paper, or any other academic writing issue, you can always engage us at any time for help.