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Course Hero: Study Aid or Cheating?

If you have been using Course Hero, you may be accused of cheating, mainly if you have used the contents for a paper. We examine whether using Course Hero is considered cheating and, if so, when it is and when it is not.

To begin, Course Hero is an educational technology website that assists students with online learning. It enables students to access various educational resources created by students and instructors alike. This website’s primary objective is to help students with their studies.

Is using Course Hero Cheating?

Using Course Hero is not considered cheating if a student uses it to generate ideas for a paper, learn how to format it, or comprehend how arguments are made. However, it is considered cheating if you use Course Hero papers and submit them as your own or directly use their content.

In both cases, it is entirely dependent on how you intend to use the papers obtained from the paper repository. We will examine both approaches and present scenarios for cheating and not cheating. Let us examine this in greater detail below;

When Is Using Course Hero Considered Cheating?

Cheating is defined as the intentional use of dishonest means to obtain an advantage. Using Course Hero in violation of your institution’s rules is considered cheating. Institutions vary.

Certain individuals consent to the use of Course Hero, while others do not. Using Course Hero in institutions where it is not permitted violates the students’ rules and is a form of cheating on other students.

You will receive assistance with a specific assignment, while the other students will complete it independently as required by the instructor.

Where the use of Course Hero is not specified, various instructors may be opposed to its use. Using Course Hero against your instructors’ wishes is considered cheating.

You will not be evaluated based on the test, assignment, or research that was assigned. It is always prudent to avoid using Course Hero unless necessary to avoid disciplinary action from your instructor or institution.

When you copy answers provided directly to your work, using Course Hero may be considered cheating. Generally, ignorance is not a bad thing. However, this does not mean that you should directly copy any answer.

No Learning, Just Copying.

You gain no knowledge. By copying the answer verbatim, you are cheating both yourself and the instructor. You are fully aware that you are unable to answer the question.

The instructor will believe you are competent. Course Hero’s materials should assist you in determining how to answer a particular question.

When you copy from Course Hero, you are also committing plagiarism. This type of academic dishonesty can land you in hot water.

Using Course Hero to obtain grades you do not deserve can be considered cheating. Course Hero is frequently correct, and copying answers may help you succeed academically.

You will receive honours and recognition that you do not deserve. This may prove to be a barrier to your subsequent academic path, as it was undeserved.

You lack a solid academic foundation due to your failure to learn, and thus maintaining a career becomes difficult.

When Is Using Course Hero Not Considered Cheating?

Consider that it is your responsibility to use Course Hero properly. How many students will see an answer to a question but will not immediately copy it to their assignment?

Numerous studies have concluded that most students will copy answers to questions that have already been worked out for them.

Using Course Hero can be considered ethical if used as a guide to assist you in resolving a problem.

You may have had no idea how to solve the problem, or you may have attempted several times and failed.

If Course Hero is not assisting you in gaining a better understanding of what you’ve learned in class, you’re misusing it.

The primary purpose of tests and assignments is to assess students’ comprehension of various subjects. Copying answers from Course Hero will not assist you in accomplishing this.

How To Safely Use Course Hero and Avoid Cheating

Students can use the content they receive from Course Hero in the following ways without cheating:

  1. Paraphrasing the answer

Paraphrasing entails formulating your response. You will first read the provided answer on Course Hero, comprehend it, and then attempt to write what you have understood on your own.

  1. Avoid similar copies

To avoid copying what is provided on Course Hero word for word, you can substitute synonyms, reword sentences, and alter the tone of the sentences.

  1. Use different viewpoints

When answers are given in summaries and are not explained, you can use the points to generate your explanation.

You may have varying opinions on the points. It is not required that you use the perspective described in the answer. To avoid plagiarism, do not directly copy the points.

  1. Use for Comparisons only

A second way to use the Course Hero without being accused of cheating is to use it for comparisons. When you have completed your work, you can use Course Hero’s solutions to compare your arguments to those of Course Hero.

You can then correct any errors. Occasionally, Course Hero may have arrived at an answer via a different method. This means that you will be able to respond to a question in various ways.

Additionally, Course Hero rents textbooks and other resources to students. Students can use these to read about specific topics that generate questions and better understand them, making them more comfortable answering the questions.

Course Hero is a critical component of every student’s academic career. This is true only if it is used appropriately. It is extremely quick and efficient at responding to your questions.

If your primary goal in using Course Hero is not to advance academically, you should avoid it entirely. The knowledge and understanding you acquire in school are more significant than the final grade you earn. The consequences of using Course Hero to complete academic assignments fraudulently are severe.

How To Copy-Paste on Course Hero

While most students adore Course Hero, they frequently misuse it. You will avoid trouble if you learn to use it properly. You can directly copy and paste from Course Hero. Highlight the text and copy it directly into your assignment.

However, Course Hero is generally opposed to students and tutors copying materials directly. If you require work that will not be flagged as plagiarized, you must avoid copying materials from Course Hero.

Can Course Hero Get You into Trouble?

Course Hero’s ability to get you into trouble depends entirely on how you use it. If you copy answers verbatim from Course Hero, you will likely run afoul of the law.

If your institution is opposed to its use, you have landed yourself in hot water if caught. These institutions have legitimate reasons for opposing the use of such platforms.

Additionally, they have established penalties that will be applied to anyone involved.

If it is established that you used Course Hero, you will eventually face the consequences.

Plagiarism occurs when answers are copied directly from Course Hero. Almost every institution has a zero-tolerance policy for plagiarism.

It is a form of academic dishonesty, and those involved face sanctions.

These penalties are frequently severe and can jeopardize your academic standing. Plagiarism is a form of intellectual property infringement.

If you copy answers provided by Course Hero for research purposes, you risk being accused of copyright infringement by the work’s creators. The owner may sue you, and if proven, you may be subject to the provided penalties.

Can You Get Caught Cheating on Course Hero?

You risk being caught if you use Course Hero to cheat. Course Hero is an online platform that can access plagiarism detection tools such as SafeAssign and Turnitin. Course Hero provides access to their content for these scanners.

As a result, any content copied directly from Course Hero will land you in hot water.

It will be flagged as plagiarized by various plagiarism detectors. Course Hero will be identified as the source of the work by the plagiarism detector.

Most of Course Hero’s papers have already been submitted to universities. This indicates that they have already been added to the databases of various plagiarism detectors.

If a student submits work that is identical to his or her original work, the work is flagged as plagiarized. This is most likely with a score of 100 per cent similarity.

How Do Teachers Know You Copied from Course Hero?

Instructors can also notice whether or not you used Course Hero in the following ways.

  1. Checking the Paper structure

Numerous font styles and sizes. When students copy an assignment, they frequently forget to edit their work. Perceptive instructors will notice such differences in your work and will investigate its source.

Instructors have encountered Course Hero work and are familiar with the font size and style. They are more than likely to imply that the work was obtained from there.

If instructors contact Course Hero to assist them in investigating such papers, Course Hero cooperates fully to establish whether the work originated on their site.

  1. Checking Plagiarism Papers are available online

Dozens of Course Hero papers are available online, and a plagiarism scan will reveal content that has been copied. Plagiarism scanners such as Turnitin can scan Coursehero content and flag similarity in your papers.

Instructors are almost certain to have encountered them. Submitting such a paper entails significant risk. Instructors are more than likely to recognize.

  1. The quality of the paper

Additionally, most of the papers are of poor quality. They mostly contain erroneous information. When an instructor receives several papers with incorrect information, the instructor is likely to look for the source of the work.

Course Hero, which many students use, enables multiple students to submit an identical paper.

When instructors come across similar papers submitted by different students, they are likely to suspect that the papers came from the same source. They will discover that the paper originated with Course Hero after investigating.

If the exam was difficult and you performed well compared to the rest of the class, instructors are likely to quiz you on it. You would be unable to explain the answer if you cheated.

The instructor will then be aware that you did not complete the assignment independently, and you may be compelled to reveal the source of information.

Does Course Hero Give You Correct Answers?

Course Hero provides accurate answers because it utilizes tutors to provide solutions, particularly for paid subscriptions. They have knowledgeable tutors who will accurately answer all of your questions. However, some answers may be incorrect, as they were submitted by students to obtain unlocks. This may degrade the quality of responses provided to other users.

As a result, you must exercise caution when utilizing their responses. Before submitting the answer to you, it is checked for plagiarism to ensure that it is unique.

Nobody is perfect all the time. At times, Course Hero may provide incorrect responses. Generally, the correctness of the answers is dependent on you. We compared Course Hero and Chegg and discovered that the latter provided more precise answers.

If you are satisfied with Course Hero’s work, the tutor is compensated. Tutors are not paid for low-quality work submitted by students.

If you are dissatisfied with the work you receive, you are entitled to a refund of the entire amount paid. This makes it critical to verify the accuracy of the content you receive from Course Hero.

Is Course Hero Legit?

Course Hero is a legitimate company that provides legal homework assistance to its users. You can rely on them to act as a personal learning tool for your studies. However, the manner in which you use their services is significant because it may violate your university’s academic integrity policies.

Their customer service is typically excellent. Their primary objective is to provide the best assistance possible to students who seek it. Additionally, their prices are reasonable in comparison to the services they provide.

If you prefer to use Chegg instead of Course Hero, check out my other article on whether Chegg is considered cheating and learn more about avoiding getting into trouble.


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