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Late Assignment Hack

Are you having trouble with an assignment or an essay because you’ve been too busy? If so, then I’m sure all you’re looking for is a clever technique to go around the due date and not be punished. However, you’re not the only one. Apart from practical Turnitin late submission hacks, here is a comprehensive lesson on turning your assignment in late hack, popular university tardiness policies, and effective late submission reasons.

These are some of the problems that come with new technology in the classroom. The usage of assignment portals to submit homework has simplified the process for colleges and students. What happens if you are late? Keep reading.

Assignments and examinations are an integral element of the school curriculum at every university and college in the world. Professors and college lecturers have made passing their courses a requirement for all students.

As critical as this task has become, it is remarkable that students at many universities continue to show little or no interest in it. Turning in homework in order to meet a requirement and complete a course has become a near-impossible task for certain students at various universities worldwide.

Numerous students have suffered as a result of late homework submissions and even failing to complete tasks. Different justifications and stories have become the norm for the majority of students, and others seem unconcerned.

These suggestions on late submission hacking serve as a guide to acceptable and legal methods of late submission hacking and how to approach late submission of assignments.

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Some Ways to Turn in Late Assignment That Do Not Attract Penalties

Writing and submitting your assignments can get laborious if you have after-school activities each day. In other instances, you may have a large number of responsibilities to finish in a short period of time and become overwhelmed. In these instances, doing the project with the shortest deadline is the best course of action.

Frequently, you will miss deadlines. You may have even written your homework shabbily to meet your deadlines or even-handed in papers that were only half done. They say that it is better to be late than never.

However, such activities will have a detrimental effect on your overall grade and your prospects of graduating. Here are some strategies to assist you in submitting assignments late and maintaining your grades with minimal or no penalties.

  1. Notify your lecturer immediately.

Whenever you become aware that you will be unable to complete a project on time, it is usually prudent to communicate your situation with your professor. He can be empathetic and assist you in meeting your deadline. This will ensure that you avoid conflict with your professor or facilitator.

  1. Create or feign a sickness

Another strategy is to feign illness in order to ride the late submission train. This strategy may work virtually every time since your professor will be sympathetic to the fact that you are healing from an illness or a damaged arm. However, you must be an outstanding actor with doctor’s prescriptions to obtain what you desire.

  1. Modify the assignment’s due date

Although you may risk fines if found, extending the deadline for late assignments is another option to turn in late assignments properly. You must enter into your Turnitin account and modify the assessment deadline date and time settings.

  1. Submitting an erroneous file

This is a prudent strategy for avoiding penalties for late assignment submissions. You can get away with this only if your professor has not previously discovered that this is a common method for late assignments. You must submit a corrupt document as your assignment prior to the deadline date. This submission will afford you more time to complete the project.

When your supervisor contacts you to inform you of the corrupt file, you apologize and forward him the true assignment. You would be submitting after the deadline has passed and incurring no penalty. The risk is that you will have to rely on your supervisor being unaware of this suggestion.

  1. Take a risk and accept responsibility

Confronting your professor and admitting your error is a courageous gesture of maturity. However, it may result in some punishments or penalties if you miss a deadline. However, your professor may still accept your late paper and impose light penalties on you because you admitted your errors.

Some Frequently Used Late Assignment Excuses to Get Out of Penalties

For the majority of people, finding an excuse for missing deadlines and submitting work late is the norm. Besides, we can’t deny that some excuses for not doing homework on time work like a charm at times.

These explanations are frequently legitimate, and some individuals get away with little or no repercussions or consequences for failing to meet their deadlines. College students are accustomed to making excuses for late assignments.

We can’t blame them because it seems to work so well most of the time.

This guide will provide you with some excuses to avoid late assignment submission penalties if you turn it in late. Several of these are detailed below:

  1. I believed it was in my bag.

This is a classic case of “I forgot it at home.” You can easily appear to have it in your backpack until you realize you forgot to pick it up from your hostel’s study table. At the very least, you will receive a one-day extension, which is fantastic!

  1. My PC broke down.

If your computer crashed, you would have been unable to complete your homework on time, correct? If you mention this, you increase your chances of receiving sympathy and an extension of the deadline. Take care not to bring the same computer to school the next day by accident.

  1. I was unable to understand the assigned assignment.

Saying anything like this can give the impression that you gave the task some significant consideration and research, even though we both know that you entirely forgot about it. Your instructor may be convinced that you put in some effort and provide you with some pointers to assist you in resolving the problem with a fresh due date. You are fortunate.

  1. My pet passed away

It will elicit some pity for you. It may even help you avoid punishment if you can convince your supervisor of the value of your pet and the agony of its death.

  1. I was unavailable when the task was given.

This excuse may represent you as being rather irresponsible, as you are expected to obtain information from your peers regardless of whether you attended a class. As a result, this justification may result in certain repercussions. However, you will still complete your schoolwork and submit it after the deadline, so it’s a win-win situation.

Before you create any excuse for the late submission of your assignments, you should consider it carefully. Because you are more familiar with your instructors, you should avoid making reasons that would enrage them.

Even better, it is advisable to be truthful about any reason you were unable to complete your projects on time.

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How To Ask Your Professor to Accept a Late Assignment

  1. To begin, double-check that you are using the right email address that has been shared in the course outline.
  2. Create an email, but ensure that the subject line clearly states the purpose for writing.
  3. Ascertain that you have mentioned your names as registered in the school and the course you are enrolled in.
  4. Show some regrets for the mistake and promise that you won’t repeat it in your body section.
  5. Select your words carefully; they should be kind and respectful.
  6. Ensure that you include a greeting when starting and ending your email.
  7. Lastly, keep in mind that it is always critical for students to notify their professors in a timely manner.


Sample Email to Professor About Late Assignment

After examining your many options for submitting your work late, you must re-do the assignment. Whatever excuses or loopholes you choose, they must be followed by an apology letter, note, or email, as well as your final assignment.

Your Address


Instructor’s Department

Name of School

Missed Submission Deadline – Late Submission

Greetings, Professor James,


I am writing to advise you that I was unable to meet the deadline for the task, resulting in my late submission. I am sorry for the delay in submitting my project on the subject [write topic], which was due on Tuesday, [write date].

I am fully aware of the school’s rules regarding the late submission of term papers and homework, and I apologize profusely for my negligence. I am not prone to breaking the rules frequently. The circumstance that transpired was unforeseeable and beyond my control.

[explain your reasoning]. While this is insufficient justification for violating school regulations, I am completely prepared to accept the consequences of my conduct. However, I implore you to be lenient with me. I promise to avoid making the same errors in the future.

I appreciate your time and consideration, sir.

Sincerely yours,

[Your signature]

[Your full name]

[Admission number]


Tips To Note When Writing Your Late Submission Email to Your Professor

  • Ascertain that you have the correct email address for your professor.
  • You do not want to send the late assignment email to the incorrect email address after postponing your assignments for so long.
  • Ensure that you include your full name, department, and admission number in your email.
  • Ascertain that the mail subject pertains directly to the reason for composing the mail. Avoid writing on unrelated topics.
  • Demonstrate in your correspondence that you are aware of the implications and penalties associated with your behaviour.
  • Demonstrate contrition and make a commitment not to repeat the conduct in the future.
  • Make certain that your email is respectful in order to gain their understanding.
  • Additionally, be certain that your excuses are genuine.
  • Additionally, attempt to contact your supervisor as soon as possible.
  • You may inquire as to whether you may submit your papers later if the deadline has not yet passed.
  • Bear in mind that you should proofread your email.


Late Submission Policy and Penalties for Different Universities

University Name Late submission policy and Penalty
Stanford University The assignment will be penalized 10% for each day it is not completed.
California Institute of technology A default penalty of 5% per day for 7 consecutive days will be added.
San Jose State University Late papers will receive a half-grade reduction for each day they are late. Except in extraordinary circumstances, no requests for extensions will be considered within 24 hours of the due date.
University of Southern California Between the start and end of class: 10% score reduction and 48 hours before the due date: 20% reduction in scores Submission within 48 hours to seven days of the deadline date: 30% reduction in score Submission seven days after the due date due to no marks
The University of Sheffield Each working day following the submission date, 5% of the total mark awarded is deducted.
University of California San Diego Those who submit their work more than 24 hours late will be penalized by 10% of the maximum number of points they can get.
University of California Los Angeles Each day, add 5% to the Absolute standard University scale until the mark hits zero.
University of Nottingham Each day, add 5% to the Absolute standard University scale until the mark hits zero.
University of San Francisco When an Assignment is submitted late without prior approval, the penalty is a reduction of 5% of the maximum Mark that can be awarded for the Assignment for each University Business Day that the Assignment is late.
University Of the Pacific Five per cent (5%) for each additional day, including weekends, that the deadline is exceeded is added to the total.


Reasons Why Students Get Late with Assignments

  1. Procrastination

The term describes advancing or deferring an action. After conducting research on procrastination among students in a university, the researcher discovered that their inclination to procrastinate had an adverse effect on their academic performance as well as their timekeeping. This is where missed deadlines originate.

Learners may have the inclination to put off assignments and engage in recreational activities, and as the deadline approaches, they rush to complete it, which may result in the assignment being submitted late.

  1. Unforeseen occurrences

Unforeseen situations result in assignment submissions being late. Sickness or the death of a relative might result in a student failing to complete assignments on time, as they are directly affected.

  1. Inability to comprehend the question

The student may have difficulties understanding the question because he or she did not understand the subject in class, did not pay attention in class or did not attend class.

Additionally, when it comes to assignments, it becomes difficult to complete them and submit them on time since they need a great deal of effort and hard work.

  1. Uncertain of the solutions

This could result in a late submission. The student might be concerned about whether he responded correctly or if he was too specific.

  1. Restrictions on resources

Occasionally, students face a lack of essential services. For example, a power outage, a slow internet connection, a website that does not function properly, or even a lack of reference material can cause a student to delay presenting the homework.



Turnitin’s late submission hack can assist you in submitting your assignments on time. The hacks provide suggestions for submitting your papers even after the assignment deadline has passed. You must use caution when deploying some of the hacks or risk getting into further problems.

Despite universities’ severe policies and penalties aimed at containing and reducing late assignment submissions by students, some students continue to submit papers late and provide reasons to their supervisors. Numerous students have evaded assignment deadlines by making excuses and by various different techniques.

However, developing an excuse-making habit will not last indefinitely, whether real or not. You will quickly become known as the “excuse guy” by your lecturer. As a result, it is always preferable to arrange your time wisely and to complete all assigned work on time. You can schedule reminders and alerts for key dates to ensure that you do not forget about your tasks entirely.

If you are not able to do either of the above as advised, you don’t have to worry. Our team of experts will be glad to assist with your papers by engaging our homework assignment help online services. We handle any subject and pick any deadline for your paper. Just place your order and relax as we work on your paper in the time that you have specified.


FAQS On Late Assignment Hack Canvas

Can canvas deadlines be hacked?

Any system can be hacked, and the bad guys will do it regardless of how dreadful it is. With the quick advancement of technology, it is correct to assert that nothing on the internet is safe. Even canvas is incapable of preventing hackers from gaining access to their own networks.

It’s worth noting that systems like Canvas acknowledge being hacked on occasion. Stolen data, such as usernames, email addresses, and passwords, can be used to access an instructor’s account and modify assignment deadlines.

Can you turn things in late on Turnitin?

Turnitin does not accept assignment submissions after the due date has passed. Resubmissions beyond the due date are likewise not permitted, even if you already submitted a copy. When the deadline approaches, your only choice is to request that your instructor permit late submissions.

How do I submit a late assignment on canvas?

Canvas leaves the issue of late submissions entirely up to the instructor’s decision. Your instructor may grant late submission extensions. Though Canvas flags them as late, the instructor can still grade them according to the extension’s requirements. Grading might be done on a half or full-credit basis.

Additionally, students may submit assignments at any time if the instructor did not write a “till” date on the due. If the deadline is not extended, the students’ contributions will be graded according to the lateness policy.

How To Hack Google Classroom So My Assignment Isn’t Late

There is no way for you to do this because the time on your computer does not match that on your submission but rather the time on the server. If you are in a different time zone, the time-stamped is the time that the Google Classroom administrator has configured the server to run at.


How Do I Hack the Turnitin Deadline?

The most effective technique to get around the Turnitin deadline is to discover a way to buy additional time on an assignment from your instructor. However, the following procedure demonstrates how to bypass a Turnitin due date:

  1. Access your account by logging in.
  2. Navigate to your control panel.
  3. Select the course tools option.
  4. From the drop-down selection, select Turnitin Assignment.
  5. Pick the Turnitin Assignment link from the drop-down menu.
  6. From the top menu, select Edit Assignment and adjust the date. The date should be subsequent to the deadline.
  7. Click the submit button to apply the changes.

By navigating to the content folder, you can get to the edit assignment in a different way as well. Locate the Assignment link in the content folder. Finally, click the action link and edit the assignment. Set a deadline date that is greater than the original.


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