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Rhetorical Analysis Essay Ideas & 114 Topics for Students

Rhetorical Analysis Essay Topics 2021

A rhetorical analysis essay is a type of academic writing in which the author conducts an in-depth examination of a piece of literature, art, or film and takes a position. This essay is the most difficult to write since it demands writers to do an in-depth analysis of the original content’s purpose and how it was conveyed to the audience. A rhetorical analysis essay determines the effectiveness of the original content’s message.

When a writer begins writing a rhetorical analysis essay, the first step is to identify an appropriate topic. While it may appear straightforward, choosing an essay topic can be challenging. Even professionals experience writer’s block when it comes to selecting the appropriate topic.

If you are writing for academic purposes, it is critical to write an excellent rhetorical analysis essay in order to achieve decent grades.’s experts have compiled a list of more than one hundred excellent rhetorical analysis essay ideas to assist you wow your professor.

How to Choose a Topic for a Rhetorical Analysis Essay?

Any writing that aims to capture the reader’s interest must begin with an appealing topic. Each writer strives to make his or her writing understandable and engaging for the intended audience. Choose a fascinating topic to ensure that your essay is strong and effective.

Choosing an innovative and enjoyable essay topic might be a difficult task. The following are some pointers to keep in mind when choosing themes for your rhetorical analysis essay.

Consider your Interests

The primary technique to creating compelling and engaging writing is to narrow your emphasis on a subject of personal interest. Before you begin writing a rhetorical analysis essay, choose a topic that captivates your curiosity and attention. Additionally, ensure that there is room for research and writing.

Choosing a topic that lacks breadth or data is not a good choice for your essay.

Attempting to write on a popular and promising topic that doesn’t excite you is a waste of your time. At the very least, identify a rhetorical question that intrigues you and provides an opportunity for investigation.

Consider Your Knowledge

The second critical factor to consider when selecting analytical essay themes is your lack of familiarity with them. Choosing anything completely out of the ordinary will not help you.

Bear in mind that you must provide insight into the author’s writing style while conducting the analysis. Additionally, your word choice reflects your strength. Develop an understanding of the rhetorical tactics and literary critics employed in works that you may discuss and describe in your essay.

Typically, you will choose themes that have been discussed in class. Consider your current degree of information before settling on a course of action.

Conduct a Background Investigation

Another critical factor to consider when selecting a topic is conducting background research. You can create a list of things that catch your interest. Following that, restrict the list and choose the final topic by conducting research on the subject’s available material.

Remember to take notes on your background research. If you lose track of any points while writing your essay, the notes will serve as a reminder.

Consider What Your Instructor Has to Say

If you are unable to make a conclusion after considering all of the above, approach your instructor for guidance. Prepare a list of appropriate topics and solicit suggestions from your instructor.

It is far superior to contemplating alone. You will follow a predetermined path and will conduct research on the points raised in your report.

Is Your Essay Due? Check with our experts and get Excellent Essay Topics for Rhetorical Analysis has compiled a list of interesting subjects for your rhetorical analysis essay based on their understanding of a student’s academic challenges. Therefore, if you’re looking for rhetorical analysis essay ideas, you’ve come to the proper place. Select the most captivating rhetorical essay topic from the list below and write an engaging essay.

114 Topics for Rhetorical Analysis Essays in 2023

  1. Obama’s Final Farewell Address
  2. President Trump’s Farewell Address
  3. Analyze ‘Raven,’ a poem by Edgar Allen Poe.
  4. The secret to living a happy life
  5. The Book of Pride and Prejudice
  6. A nation within a nation
  7. William Butler Yeats’s “An Irish Airman Predicts His Death.”
  8. Alfred Lord Tennyson’s “The Epic.”
  9. William Shakespeare’s “Sonnets.”
  10. Alexander Pope’s “The Lock’s Rape.”
  11. Percy Bysshe Shelley’s “England in 1819.”
  12. Joseph Stiglitz’s The Price of Inequality
  13. Joseph Stiglitz’s “The Price Of Inequality”
  14. “Romeo Dallier’s “Cri De Coeur”
  15. “Traveling Blessings” Written by Anne Lamott
  16. “An Among-Nations Nation”
  17. Maximus’s Gladiator Speech to Commodus
  18. Tim Urban’s “Inside the Mind of a Master Procrastinator”
  19. Donovan Livington’s Harvard Commencement Address
  20. Pink’s acceptance speech at the VMAs

Non-Fictional Topics for Rhetorical Analysis Essay

  1. Stephen Guise’s “Mini Habits: Smaller Habits, Bigger Results.”
  2. William Kingdon Clifford’s “The Ethics of Belief.”
  3. Jared Diamond’s “Easter Island’s End.”
  4. Jonathan Edwards’ “Sinners in the Hands of an Angry God.”
  5. Anne Lamott’s “Traveling Mercies.”
  6. Thomas H. Bender’s “A nation among countries.”
  7. Jared Diamond’s “Guns, Germs, and Steel.”
  8. Joseph Stiglitz’s “The Price of Inequality”
  9. Kate Pickett and Richard G. Wilkinson’s “The Spirit Level.”
  10. Michael Marmot’s “The Status Syndrome.” Clifford’s
  11. Summary And Analysis Of “The Ethics Of Belief”
  12. “The End of the Easter Islands” by Jared Diamond
  13. “Analysis of Jonathan Edwards’ Sermons “Success Strategies”
  14. “Assault Weapons, Germs, and Steel” Written by Jared Diamond

Rhetorical Situation Essay Topics for 2023

Rhetorical situation essays are passionate, affective, and designed to elicit an emotional response from the reader or audience; in fact, eliciting emotion is the most basic and tactical approach for a call to action.

  1. How birth control pill regulation has resulted in the untimely deaths of rural women
  2. Inflation’s growth and the effects for low-income households
  3. Was capitalism deemed insufficiently acceptable? How the pandemic has resulted in the displacement of even more households
  4. How does popular culture contribute to women’s continued enslavement?
  5. Rape, teen pregnancy, and the delegitimization of birth control pills all conspire to keep women’s bodies under control.
  6. Television enables us to comprehend the complexities of human life.
  7. The impact of the drug misuse epidemic and its prevalence on the lives of young Americans in the Deep South
  8. Why should we focus on guns rather than women’s bodies when it comes to gun control
  9. How lack of access and poverty are impacting young Americans’ homeschooling
  10. Subsidizing low-income workers is a late capitalism concept.
  11. Gentrification: How it is removing residents from their neighborhoods and residences
  12. Capitalism is the primary reason why millennials are unable to own a home.
  13. The “black to office” maximum’s capitalist overtones
  14. The Fatphobic Vernacular in American Popular Culture
  15. This is why America has not achieved post-racial status.
  16. The Post-racial American Society is a Myth
  17. Why is the adage “The Future of Remote Work Will Be Lonely” a Myth?
  18. The American Wellness Culture’s Fatphobia
  19. The Demoralizing Effects of Homeschooling on Teachers
  20. Navigating many identities: the immigrant household’s reality
  21. The Covid era’s most important lesson: the decreasing returns of hyper-productivity
  22. What it means to be displaced in the aftermath of a pandemic
  23. Analysis of the Work Culture from a Rhetorical Perspective
  24. Self-care Culture’s Unrealized Myth
  25. Women in the United States of America as social safety nets
  26. An examination of how Email evolved into Work
  27. The Pandemic’s impact on workers’ understanding of unionism
  28. Work culture’s insidious nature and how it contributes to burnout
  29. How Publishing Advances Diversity and Inclusiveness
  30. What it means to be a low-income worker living in the midst of a pandemic

Rhetorical Argument Essay Topics

When composing an argumentative essay, rhetoric is used to express not only ideas and perspectives but also to attract the audience’s or reader’s attention (s).

Any rhetorical argument essay must incorporate ethos, pathos, and logos to help the writer handle the subject more effectively. Each type of rhetorical arguments essay requires extensive research, an awareness of the audience, a strong thesis statement, and the usage of an attention-grabbing writing style.

The fundamental tenet of an argumentative essay is that it must include persuasive aspects; else, the argument will be incomplete. Consider the following rhetorical argument essay topics while you write your essay.

  1. Is It Possible to Control Drug Abuse by Legalizing and Regulating Certain Drugs?
  2. How do high-end and fast clothes contribute to our environment’s unhealthy lifestyle?
  3. There are no significant negatives to a democratic system.
  4. Why should working mothers and nursing mothers be granted increased workplace privileges?
  5. Why Should Paid Maternity Leave Be Legalized?
  6. Is cyberbullying capable of having a negative impact on mental health?
  7. Should forced diversity, affirmative action, and inclusivity be mandated?
  8. Is feminism obfuscating the desire for women to lash out at one another?
  9. Is Karl Max right when he says that religion is the “opium of the masses”?
  10. Is there a substantial disadvantage to marrying using a dating app?
  11. How social media celebrity has a detrimental effect on one’s real-world experiences
  12. Is the emergence of Artificial Intelligence going to result in the extinction of the human race?
  13. Loneliness can be increased by excessive engagement on social media sites.
  14. Is it possible that electronic money may eventually supplant paper money?
  15. Can human society grow in the absence of technology?
  16. Is a constant reliance on cell phones a factor in sadness and anxiety?
  17. Do public cameras violate an individual’s right to privacy?
  18. Is sustainable living capable of assisting us in reversing Global Warming?
  19. Is limiting children’s screen time beneficial to their intellectual development?
  20. Should marijuana users be encouraged to use it now that its health benefits have been established?
  21. Academic stress, as well as an excessive amount of academic workload, constitute a sort of psychological torture.
  22. In what ways has the education system changed or improved as a result of the rise of homeschooling?
  23. Does beauty pageantry have an effect on how society views and defines beautiful?
  24. Is it moral to require fathers to take maternity leave?
  25. Is it a punishable offense to execute a murderer?
  26. Should high school students be exposed to sexual education in the classroom?
  27. What effect does knowledge of sex education have on high school students?
  28. Is friendship between a lecturer and a student an ethical practice?
  29. Are kids required to bring schoolwork home with them?
  30. Cancellation or Promotion of an impromptu test inside the University system?
  31. Is it true that having access to so much information results in misinformation?
  32. Is homeschooling a factor in pupils’ anti-socialist sentiments?
  33. What do you think about the idea of making college education free?
  34. Will free education enhance or detract from the academic institution’s performance?
  35. Is grade point average (GPA) a reliable indicator of intellectual ability?

Visual Rhetoric Essay Topics

There are numerous ways in which rhetoric can be used as a communication tool. Rhetorics can be delivered orally, in writing, or visually. Effective communication is achieved through the use and study of visual imagery; this is what distinguishes visual rhetoric essays from other types of rhetorical essays.

Visual communication has been shown to be effective, and visual rhetoric facilitates communication and comprehension. It appears in films, paintings, advertisements, and other types of artistic exploration.

Students in the fields of media studies and visual arts, in particular, are often assigned to write visual rhetoric essays or visual text analyses. The following are some of the topics to explore in this area.

  1. Analyze the effect of television commercials and advertisements on consumers
  2. A case study of a well-known Hollywood film and the visual arts that were incorporated
  3. Rhetorical analysis of the emotional appeals used in online advertisements
  4. Examining the advertisement for a television commercial and its consequences
  5. The movie’s ability to elicit an emotional response. The theme of assistance throughout the entire film.
  6. An examination of Leonardo Da Vinci’s Mona Lisa painting from a critical perspective
  7. The Use of Lighting and Effects in Films and Their Significance
  8. A Movie’s Cinematography Speaks for Itself: A Unique Literary Form
  9. How Visual Commercials Have a Greater Impact on Us Than Written Commercials
  10. An examination of the graphics used in marketing
  11. Yellow Journalism: An Examination
  12. What is the most effective visual advertisement you’ve ever seen, and how did it influence your purchasing decision?
  13. How visual advertisements improve consumers’ purchasing power
  14. An in-depth examination of successful visual campaigns
  15. How television shapes our perception of and relationship with society

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Rhetorical Analysis Essay Frequently Asked Questions

How should a rhetorical analysis essay be written?

A rhetorical analysis essay is similar to a literary analysis essay, except that the focus is on one or more non-fiction books and the study is directed toward an author’s style or rhetorical “moves” (a.k.a. use of rhetorical appeals and/or devices). Rhetorical analysis essays are frequently used to substantiate a claim regarding the author’s message or reason for writing. A rhetorical analysis essay’s paragraphs deconstruct “what” an author is doing to convey a message and “how” these choices affect the audience.

What does the term “rhetorical analysis” mean?

Writing a rhetorical analysis demonstrates that you are aware of the messages you absorb as an audience member, reader, listener, or human being. As a critical consumer of other people’s ideas, you raise difficult questions about how these messages are shaped, why they are conveyed in particular ways, and why this is essential for you and society.

Which of the following are the three rhetorical strategies?

The three most well-known rhetorical tactics are together referred to as rhetorical appeals. Ethos (ethics) is a term that alludes to credibility and dependability. Pathos (passion) is a term that relates to the process of eliciting an audience’s emotions. The term “logos” (logic) refers to the process of enticing an audience’s brain through logical structure and the application of evidence and reasoning.

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